E-Commerce Optimization Lab

Optimize e-commerce with expert data analysis and insights from Advertology. We’ll provide you with detailed reporting and trend analysis so you can better understand e-commerce activity on your website. Our team will look at various e-commerce indicators and look for ways to improve sales, grow revenue, increase order value and identify potential upsell opportunities. We’ll provide guidance on various testing strategies that will aim to optimize each of these critical KPIs in your e-commerce system.

E-commerce refers to any business or organization that conducts revenue generating operations online. E-commerce websites come in many varieties including online storefronts, paid membership website, software as a subscription (SAAS) websites, etc. Successful e-commerce operations come from looking at critical KPI’s and finding ways to test and optimize each of these. The E-commerce Optimization Lab includes initiatives aimed at maximizing your revenue generating system as well as better understanding your paying customers.

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Increase Sales and Grow Revenue

This lab will look to increase the number of sales and grow revenue from the visitors that come to your website. We’ll provide reporting and analysis that identifies your e-commerce strengths and weaknesses so that we can look for potential opportunities.

Increase Order Values

We’ll look for ways to increase average order values using a variety of tactics. By looking at up-sell opportunities, the potential for quantity discounting, and the shopping cart process, our team will provide actionable insight and testing guidance so you get more value from each customer.

Understand Your Customers

Clarity into your paying customers is the gateway to gaining more of them. Our team will help you better understand your paying customer motivations, actions, objections and decision process. Take informed action and optimize your e-commerce experience for the visitors that buy.


Everything You Need for E-Commerce Optimization

Receive everything that’s included in your chosen plan, plus the E-Commerce Optimization Lab features. This lab includes a variety of standard reports. We may include custom reports from additional analytics tools and guided optimization testing. Much of what we will provide in this lab will be customized to your unique setup, needs, and goals.

Here are some lab report examples:

  • Who’s Buying Report – Demographic Analysis
  • Paying Customer Direct Survey
  • Price & Cart Sensitivity Analysis
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment Analysis
  • E-Commerce User Flow Analysis
  • Up-Sell Opportunities Testing Guidance
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Get Goal Focused Reporting and Improve Your E-commerce Performance


Who Should Get This Lab?
This lab is designed for storefront websites that sell goods or services online such as an online catalogs and shopping carts, subscription services, and membership websites. We don’t recommend this lab for media, blog or non-transactional based websites.

Who performs the testing?
We provide options, guidance and direction but ultimately it is you or your team that is responsible for carrying out the actual setup and execution for any optimization testing.

Will I need additional analytics tools?
Depending on your unique needs we may recommend optional 3rd party tools that you would need to signup for directly (we will provide setup assistance). Some of these tools include SEO keyword trackers, demographic tools, clickstream tools, etc.

Who pays for additional tools?
We may recommend additional tools based on your unique needs. Most of what we recommend is optional and does require additional 3rd party costs. Standard / default tools required for this lab are covered by your Advertology Plan.

Is this lab included with my plan?
Each plan includes a set number of labs that can be assigned. You will need to pick which labs you want to include when you sign up.

Can I change my lab?
Yes, you can change your lab at the start of any new monthly billing cycle. However we recommend you don’t change labs more often than every quarter at a minimum because it takes time to perform testing and optimization as well as understand how actions are affecting trends.

What happens when I switch labs?
You will still get a baseline analysis of website traffic included in your core plan, however you will no longer receive focused attention on this particular initiative. You may keep or cancel any 3rd party tools as you see fit.