Traffic Growth Lab

Increase website traffic using expert data analysis and insights from Advertology. We’ll provide you with deep analysis into where the best traffic is coming from and look for ways to grow visitors from those sources. Our team will look at both paid and free traffic channels and organize the data into reports you can use to make key decisions about your traffic growth strategy. The Traffic Growth Lab includes not only expert traffic data analysis, but marketing campaign analysis, search engine keyword page rankings, experimental guidance, opportunity identification and more.

Website traffic growth is one of the most important and also difficult goals for businesses and marketing departments. Not only is it important to grow traffic, it is critical for your traffic to be high quality for your website to succeed. To increase traffic it is critical to first understand your target audience demographics, then determine where to find them and how to best message them. Quality traffic growth is an important function that should be dealt with early on because it is the starting point for almost all other goals including conversion, engagement, and retention.

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Increase Website Traffic

The goal of this lab is to grow website traffic overtime. We’ll provide analysis and reporting from a variety of data sources that allow you to make better strategic decision making about where to focus your efforts, budget and attention.

Better Understand Visitors

Our analysis includes research and insight into visitor demographics and behavior. You’ll be able to better understand where to find your audience and what types of marketing messages resonate best with them.

Evaluate Marketing Campaigns

We’ll look at your marketing campaigns and determine which are providing you with the highest quality leads. Confirm or revise your marketing strategies based on hard data. Better understand which search keywords, titles, descriptions and page content works best.


Everything You Need to Increase Traffic

Get everything that is included in your chosen plan, plus the Traffic Growth Lab features. This lab include a deep dive of analysis and reporting aimed at achieving lab goals. We may include additional reports from custom modeling to guided optimization testing. Much of what we will provide in this lab will be customized to your unique setup, needs and goals.

Here are some lab report examples:

  • Visitor vs. Buyer Demographic Comparison
  • SERP Title and Description Bounce Rate Optimization
  • SEO Keyword / Page Ranking Trending
  • Paid Marketing Campaign Post Click Analysis
  • Identification of Non-Optimized Free Traffic Sources
  • Blog Content Performance Analysis
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Get Goal Focused Reporting and Increase Website Traffic


Will I need additional analytics tools?
Depending on your unique needs we may recommend optional 3rd party tools that you would need to signup for directly (we will provide setup assistance). Some of these tools include SEO keyword trackers, demographic tools, clickstream tools, etc.

Who pays for additional tools?
We may recommend additional tools based on your unique needs. Most of what we recommend is optional and does require additional 3rd party costs. Standard / default tools required for this lab are covered by your Advertology Plan.

Does this lab cover conversion optimization?
No, this lab is primarily focused on acquisition and growth of website traffic. We do look at whether traffic is converting or not to determine traffic quality. If you are interested in conversion optimization please see our Conversion Optimization Lab.

Is this lab included with my plan?
Each plan includes a set number of labs that can be assigned. You will need to pick which labs you want to include when you sign up.

Can I change my lab?
Yes, you can change your lab at the start of any new monthly billing cycle. However we recommend you don’t change labs more often than every quarter at a minimum because it takes time to perform testing and optimization as well as understand how actions are affecting trends.

What happens when I switch labs?
You will still get a baseline analysis of website traffic included in your core plan, however you will no longer receive focused attention on this particular initiative. You may keep or cancel any 3rd party tools as you see fit.