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Est. 2013

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About The Company

Advertology is a marketing consulting and resource firm. We deliver expert analytical and strategic services for businesses and organizations around the world.

Founded in 2013 as Advertology Consulting by Michael Reiss, the company delivered strategic planning and execution, hiring and managing of marketing teams, marketing accounting, budgeting and analytical services to 20+ businesses in 6 countries.

Advertology.com was formed in 2016 as a hub for expert marketers and business leaders looking to improve the quality of their marketing and strategic decision making. The website provides a variety of free resources including expert articles, planning guides, free tools and more.

Hire Advertology is the latest evolution of the marketing consultancy. We offer a premium packaged marketing analytical service for marketers, directors, and executives delivering monthly reporting, expert insights, guided optimization and strategic recommendations.

About The Founder

Michael Reiss is the founder and executive manager of Advertology. He is an experienced marketer with over 11+ years of hands on experience planning and executing campaigns, creating strategy, directing teams, and managing projects.

Michael’s early experience comes from notable companies including The Princeton Review Online and Shutterstock.com. The later of which he was a marketing manager for 5 years from their pre to post IPO periods.

In 2013, he founded Advertology Consulting where he engaged with a variety of startups and growth stage companies providing director level management of budgets, teams, strategies and resources. Over time the company has evolved into a provider of premium marketing analytical and strategic services.

Michael Reiss