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About Advertology

An Expert Advertising and Marketing Agency

Advertology is an advertising and marketing agency specializing in strategic, data-driven tactics that help growth-stage online companies acquire more business.

Est. 2013 — Built on Trust, Transparency, Passion, and Partnerships

Our Company

“There is no one else out there with his level of dedication and knowledge on B2B techniques and modern digital advertising.” – Ian L. (Founder, Creative Director of Slickplan.com)


Founded in 2013 by Michael Reiss, Advertology has delivered strategic planning and execution, hiring and managing of marketing teams, marketing accounting, budgeting, and analytical services to 40+ businesses in over 6 countries.

Today, Advertology offers premium advertising, website optimization, and marketing analytics services to businesses with proven products and services looking to take their business to the next level.

A Depth of Knowledge: Our collective knowledge spans a variety of marketing channels, industries, vendors, strategies and methodologies.

We Love Creativity: We’re a creative bunch and not afraid to push some boundaries. We like to think outside the box, but of course recognize you as the final decision maker.

About the Founder

“Mike is one of the best consultants I have met. He listens to me as customer and does what he can to help me reach my goals.” – Mattias E. (President of Moveria)


Michael Reiss is the founder and executive manager of Advertology. He’s a marketer with more than 15 years of hands-on experience. His areas of expertise include digital advertising, online marketing, eCommerce strategies, statistics and analytics, data visualization, conversion optimization, and business growth acceleration.

Mike’s early marketing experience comes from notable companies including The Princeton Review Online and Shutterstock.com. As a marketing manager at Shutterstock, he contributed to the company’s rapid growth during a transitional period from private start-up to post-IPO.

In 2013, he founded Advertology to fulfill a passion for helping business owners and their companies grow, prosper, and create greater opportunity. Mike achieves this though offering a variety of services including custom strategies, creative direction, campaign planning and execution, team leadership, project management, expert analysis, and direct consulting.

Are we a good fit?

Do you have a proven product or service to market?
Our services work best when you have already solved early business challenges and are looking to accelerate growth.

Is yours a revenue-driven organization?
Our strategies cater to e-commerce (storefront), subscription, or SAAS business models?

Are you seeking a collaborative partner?
We operate best as a trusted advisor who will work with you to solve key marketing and advertising challenges.

Do you have resources available?
For our services to be effective we require a minimum marketing investment in ad spend as well as available time from you and your team to form an effective partnership.

Do you know what drives you?
It’s not just about the money, you passionate about your business and have a drive for success?

You: This sounds just like my business! Let’s do this!

*Please note that we are not accepting partnerships with companies in these industries: nutrition/supplements, non-merchant affiliates, most drop-shipping models, or adult-themed.

Why choose us?

  • 15+ years of real-world marketing experience
  • 5-Star rating on Upwork.com as a top marketing provider (since 2013)
  • Positive outcomes for companies of many sizes and shapes
  • Successful management of hundreds of projects
  • Experience with more than 100+ marketing vendors, platforms, tools, and applications

Our promise to you.

We view the world of advertising and marketing as an investment. Success comes from patience, time, testing, and learning. It’s about understanding the environment, being able to read the landscape, adapting quickly, and using data and experience to cultivate winning strategies over time.

Some companies within the industry make big claims or guarantees for the number of sales, clicks, or new customers that you’ll get. We don’t make these claims. Our approach is to offer truth and transparency as we build trust for a successful partnership with you.

We promise that the strategy and execution delivered will be that of which we agree upon and of the highest quality that we can deliver.

Great communication is the key to success.

Effective communication is key to any successful partnership. Our goal is to communicate often and productively with you and your team on a regular basis.

Our methods: We communicate how you communicate! Whether it’s on the phone, via email, Slack, Zoom, Skype or however else you desire. We will be there for you! Contact us now!

Your feedback: We’ll ask for feedback at regular intervals to make sure you’re getting the most from our partnership.

Always transparent: Our goal is to be transparent, unbiased, and honest in our discussions. We’re not afraid to give tough advice or hard truths.

You’ll have a true partner in us.

Sure Alignment: Understanding your goals and requirements are critical from the start so that we can align our partnership process to you. Your time is precious, and we’ll make it count.

Clear Expectations: At the beginning of every planning cycle, we’ll outline expectations for timelines, success, budget, and results. You’ll always be in-the-know.

Uniquely Custom: No two companies are truly alike. We’ll customize our marketing partnership with you to meet your individual needs and never give you templated or cut-and-paste recommendations.

Attention to Detail: No question marks here! We have an obsessive attention to organization and detail with every project, campaign, strategy, or task we plan out.

Dealing with Unknowns: If there’s something that we don’t know or haven’t experienced, we can do the research to find out or locate someone who does.

Getting started and what to expect.

1. PRIVACY: Your privacy is important to us. We offer an optional counter-signed, mutual non-disclosure agreement option before we begin.

2. DISCOVERY: We’ll start with a Q&A session so that we can learn about your business goals, budgets, and requirements.

3. PROPOSAL: You’ll receive a detailed, custom proposal that will include expert recommendations, deliverables, timetables, cost options, and our terms of service.

4. DISCUSSION: We’ll walk you through the proposal, answer any questions, and make any changes to the strategy you request.

5. AGREEMENT: Upon agreement, we’ll get right to work in delivering a high-quality execution that will delight you and your team!

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