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Do you trust your data?

Be Confident with Expert Marketing Analytics and Reporting.

We help growth stage online businesses measure, analyze, and interpret marketing data from any data source. Make confident marketing decisions and uncover opportunities with tailored and verified marketing analytics.

Common Problems

Top reasons why companies are not getting the most from their marketing analytics.

  • Tracking codes installed incorrectly, partially, or not at all.
  • Unverified data that may include missing information, duplicates, or other errors.
  • Lack of reporting and analytics that is useful and actionable.
  • Misunderstanding or misuse of the data that is available.
  • Choice of analytics software that is too difficult or unwieldy to use effectively.
  • No method of collecting, storing, or properly analyzing the data that is available.

Clarity and Insight

What could you with full clarity and insight into your marketing data?

You wouldn’t drive a car blindfolded and running a business is no different. It is critically important to have clarity into business and marketing performance data so you can make confident decisions, uncover opportunities, discover risks, and plan effectively.

While data, analytics, and reporting maybe be an afterthought for most, we recommend that it be part of your strategy as early on as possible. Having access to accurate and complete data is critical to achieving success in advertising and marketing.

How We Do It

Marketing analytics doesn’t need to be costly, complicated, or overly technical to be good. Here is how we do it!

Analytics Core Setup

  • Website and Marketing Analytics Foundation: Google Analytics (Free)
  • Organic Search Analytics and Indexing: Google Search Console (Free)


Advanced Options

  • Optional E-Commerce Analytics: Google Analytics Custom E-Commerce
  • Optional Subscription Analytics: Depends on your business platform and pricing model.
  • Case by Case 3rd Party Advertising Tracking Code
    • Recommended Installation of 3rd Party Tracking Code: Google Tag Manager (Free)
    • Data Storage Library: Cloud Spreadsheets or Portable/Cloud Database Depending on Requirements
    • Data Analysis and Reporting
      • Dashboarding: Microsoft Power BI (Free & Paid), Google Data Studio
      • Reporting: Microsoft Power BI (Free & Paid), Microsoft SSRS, Google Data Studio
      • Ad-hoc Analysis: Microsoft Power BI (Free & Paid)

Your Intelligence Team

Want a personalized analytics and reporting solution? Let us be your data intelligence team!

  • Month to month reporting and analysis of your marketing performance.
  • Ability to perform on-demand ad-hoc analysis from all your data sets.
  • Confidence in your data from verification analysis and installation audits.
  • Assistance interpreting and understanding data analysis, meaning, and statistical significance.
  • Access to custom reporting, live dashboards, and regular recaps.

Analytics Packages

We offer options that fit your unique needs.

Executive Marketing Performance Reporting

An expert driven marketing performance report for executives, business owners, and CMOs. This report focuses on key marketing metrics, performance indicators, channel breakdowns, and more. It’s a great way to get a comprehensive overview of your marketing business with the right amount of detail to understand your marketing evolution from month to month.

On Demand Marketing Analysis

Looking for answers to specific business or marketing questions? We can help you get them with a custom marketing analysis project. On demand when you need it.

Made-to-Order Reports or Dashboards

Do you have unique business needs? Get a fully customized marketing report or dashboard. Let our team figure out how to solve your reporting needs whether it’s managed and driven by our team or on Premise with your own.

Analytics Verification (Installation Optional)

We can help you verify that your analytics setup is working properly and sending you accurate data. We’ll look at your code and perform confirmation tests help build confidence in your data.

Don’t have analytics yet or looking to start over? We can help make recommendations about what you need and how to tailor it. We can perform the installation too if you like.

Why settle for an out-of-the-box or one-size-fits-all marketing analytics solution?

Get an Expert on Your Side with Analytics and Reporting by Advertology.

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