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Digital Advertising that Gets Results

We help growth stage online businesses target the right message to the right audience at the right time using modern data-driven digital advertising techniques. We’ll help you create results driven campaigns that win and can transform your business.

Common Problems

Why most companies are not getting the most from their digital advertising strategy.

  • No workable process for A/B testing, evaluating ads, iterating on design, or measuring performance.
  • Arbitrary budgets and targets that lead to over or under spending.
  • Investing in video, rich media, html 5 ads before obtaining learnings from static image ads.
  • Not having a properly setup, verified, and optimized ad analytics solution.
  • To many cooks in the kitchen. Ads aimed to satisfy numerous internal team members and not the target audience.
  • Poor campaign conceptualization, unprofessional design, or sloppy roll-out.
  • Decision making without the use of statistically significant and verified data.
  • Making too many rapid changes to a campaign or not giving it enough time to deliver learning and results.
  • Non-addressed marketing issues including: poor website or landing page design, uncompelling product/service/offer,  poor pricing model, or lack of differentiation.

Profitable Advertising

What could you do if your advertising was profitable?

Imagine how different your business would look if your advertising was profitable?

  • Ask yourself what you would do with a positive return on your advertising investment. Would you spend more to acquire more customers, improve your product/service offering, hire more staff? It all starts with profitability.

Now imagine what you could do if your advertising was profitable and consistent?

  • We’ll help you create a portfolio of on-going advertising campaigns that are profitable and scalable so you can harness your business’s potential.

Our strategy covers the complete advertising funnel for systematic ongoing optimization at key points that can effect big change. We will start with your goals and constraints to work backwards into an actionable advertising budget. Then we’ll test, optimize, and evaluate performance in cultivating high impact and winning campaigns.

How We Do It

Using a 3-stage approach, we’ll turn concepts into campaigns and campaigns into winners.

Stage 1: The Proving Ground – We start by testing high probability concepts in a live environment to determine whether it has the potential for further optimization. If the campaign passes our proof-of-concept test it moves on to Stage 2. Campaigns that do not pass this test are cut or put on hold. Campaigns are structured to deliver knowledge and learnings value whether it passes or fails the proof-of-concept test.

Stage 2: The Lab – Here we perform the most important and systematic optimization functions including A/B testing, targeting adjustments, conversion rate optimization, design iteration, and statistical analysis. This is where we turn potential opportunities into real winners.

Stage 3: The Portfolio – When a campaign has demonstrated consistent performance it becomes part of the ongoing portfolio. Here we continue to test, evaluate, and iterate, but the focus shifts to scaling and growth. Campaigns in this stage give business owners the most control over visitor traffic, lead generation, and sales growth.

Advertising Networks

We specialize in a variety of digital advertising mediums, platforms, and networks.

social advertising, display advertising, paid search ads, ecommerce ads…and plenty of others!

We’re Data Driven

When we say data-driven…we mean DATA-DRIVEN!

Find new confidence with your digital advertising campaigns. We employ a digital advertising strategy aimed at delivering results that progressively improve over time. To do this, it’s important that we measure accurately, interpret properly, and recommend smartly. Here are just a few advanced tactics we employ:


Statistical Significance – We use a few different statistical tests for significance to determine whether results are caused by something other than random chance.

SCB Ratio Correlation (Scale, Cost, Benefit) – When scaling up campaigns, it is important to determine if there is an upper limit to the ad spend where the benefits are no longer cost effective with each additional dollar added.

Machine Learning – When possible, we employ 3rd party machine learning algorithms to help auto optimize target audience indexing (The filtering and ordering of an audience by potential), performance-based ad selection, and campaign cost per acquisition.

Trend Analysis – Discovery of trends using campaign data allows us to gain insight into audience behavior, seasonality effects, competitive changes, campaign lifespans, audience burnout and more. This type of analysis helps us to better understand changes in the marketing environment and how to best adapt smartly.

Predictive Forecasting – We use predictive forecasting to help determine what future performance might look like. While not 100% accurate, this tactic can give us potential ranges or insight into future outcomes that aid in decision making and confidence building.

Solve for X – In crafting advertising strategies, we tend to work backwards from the desired results and the target metrics we would like to achieve. In doing so, we then solve equations for input variables and answer questions like “What should be my starting advertising budget? Or “How many clicks do I need to get a statistically significant amount of sales?”


Don’t worry, we love this stuff so you don’t have to!

Audience Targeting Tactics

If they are online, we’ll find them with these audience targeting tactics.

Interest Targeting – Matches to target audience likes, affinities, desires, and interests.

Contextual Targeting– Matches to relevant content topics, keywords, and text.

Retargeting – Locates audience members after they engaged with your website, page, ad campaign, content, or social media.

Look-A-Like Targeting – Builds a model of the ideal audience member from actual data and then finds individuals who match.

Search Intent – Matches to those who have announced what they are looking for or asked a question.

Demographic Filtering – Refines audiences by age, gender, location, income, job title, psycho-graphic, or behavioral data.

Data Matching – Matches lists of names or email addresses to their online presences.

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