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Executive Marketing Performance Report

A marketing performance report for executives, CMOs, owners, and other stakeholders. This report provides a regular and comprehensive overview of your entire marketing and advertising picture.

Better understand your departmental performance in record time each month. Compare performance to the previous month and the previous period. We recommend this report for those who are overseeing a marketing department or those not directly involved who would benefit from gaining transparency and insight into marketing activities.

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marketing performance report


Marketing Performance

Report Type

Comprehensive Overview


Executives, CMOs, Owners


1 Per Month

Included Report Sections

Get a quick picture of your business performance from a marketing perspective. Features include: revenue, marketing investment, profit, and ROMI%.

Everything you need to know about your overall website performance presented in a way that’s easy to interpret. Features include: visitor count, sessions, page views, bounce rate, primary conversions, and more.

A breakdown of website marketing performance by channel. See how visitors arrived and converted by individual marketing channel. Compare performance to historical data.

See how your visitors break down by their level of interest and actions. Better understand how many visitors show awareness, exhibit interest, are making decisions, and performing actions.

Gain quick insight into your website’s individual landing page performance. See which pages are your best performers and which present easy opportunities for optimization.

Better understand how your website performs on Google Organic Search. Get an overview of how well your website pages are showing in search, getting clicked on, and how visitors interact with pages they click through on.

A quick overview of which social networks are sending you visitors and how well they convert. See a breakdown of social network follower growth.

A summary of your top performing and converting referral website sources. Features include: sessions, bounce rate, and primary conversion metrics.

Quickly gain insight into your marketing campaigns tracked with Google UTM variables. See which campaigns send you the most traffic and conversions so you can optimize your marketing mix.

An optional set of panels that report on businesses that are specifically e-commerce. Includes sale performance metrics, product evaluations, profit break down, and more.

An optional set of panels that report on subscription, membership or SaaS type business. Includes profitability, plan breakdowns, lifetime value calculations, and more.

An optional panel that tracks marketing spend and budgeting on the whole or by individual line item. While, optional this is a highly recommended panel as including this data allows for profitability calculations across the entire report.

An optional variety of panels that focus on blog performance. Features include: blog visitor performance, blog driven conversion metrics, a channel break down, organic search performance, top articles, and article opportunities.

Included Features

The Executive Marketing Performance Report includes a wide variety of features across its overviews, briefs, panels, and optional components. This report is delivered on a monthly basis post period.

Expert Commentary

Commentary from an experienced marketer who reviews each report.*

Meaningful Visualizations

Better understand your data and trends with colorful charts, graphs, and tables.

A/B Testing Opportunities

Obtain guidance when key opportunities arise for A/B testing and experimentals.

SWOT Analysis

A breakdown of your current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Monthly Opportunities

Get key opportunities and recommendations for easy wins.

Calculated KPIs and Metrics

We auto-calculate all your important KPIs and metrics so you don’t have to.

Historical Comparisons

Compare marketing performance to the previous period and last year.

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Google Analytics

This report requires Google Analytics website and campaign data.

Google Search Console

This report requires Google Search Console url, page, and keyword data.
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