- A Marketing Analytics Database

- Make Informed Data Driven Decisions

- Drive Performance and ROI%

Plan Your Campaigns

Getting super organized is super easy. Create your marketing Ad Plans, Campaigns, Publisher Sources and Media Channels. Built for true media planning.

Track Campaign Results

Scale campaigns with ease. One place to input and track campaign data for all your online and offline marketing activities. A database designed for marketers.

Analyze Marketing Data

Save time and reduce errors with auto-calculation of key industry marketing metrics. Slice and dice, drill down and chart performance quickly and easily. Always be in the know.

Grow Your Business

Hard choices made easy. View actionable marketing analytics and make data driven decisions. Spend and cut in the right places, drive up ROI%, and grow your business.
better campaign organization
Build out your campaigns, the core of your media plan.

Attach ad publisher information, performance data, contacts and more to your campaigns.

Campaigns are part of a hierarchy that allow you to
easily aggregate, drill down or
slice and dice data.

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a better place for data
Eliminate unscaleable and flat spreadsheet management.

Switch to our database system built just for marketers.

Leverage media plan organization like never before.

Lots of data, no problem. Keep organization and reporting processes consistent, reliable, and scalable.

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always be in the know
Your data at your finger tips. Get quick and easy access to your marketing data and be informed on past and present performance.

Save time performing tedious and time consuming calculations, especially when date ranges or multiple views are involved.

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leverage data for performance
Maximize your marketing potential and make data driven decisions based on key metrics such as return on investment, profitability, level of spend, e-commerce transactions, revenue, average cost per transaction and more.

Keep track of additional non e-commerce based goals to deepen your level of performance awareness.

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