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Expert Marketing Reports for You and Your Team

Get customized digital marketing reports for executives and managers that helps you understand your business, make more confident decisions, and uncover opportunities for growth.

Why Expert Marketing Reports?

Having access to actionable data is critical to growing any business. You probably already have one or more analytics packages now, but do you really get the value from it that you need?

How much time do you spend looking up just one metric or chart?

Do you typically find the answers to what you’re looking for?

Is it worth the time learning complex applications?

Do you and your team understand the meaning behind the data?


There is a better way…

Get regular digital marketing reports from an expert. We will provide you with exactly what you need to see to understand your business, marketing, and advertising campaigns.

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Achieve and Grow Success

Our marketing reports will save you tons of time in your quest to understand your marketing and campaign performance. Here are some great things you can achieve with our solution.

  • Make better informed and more confident decision making
  • Understand your performance from a marketing perspective
  • Identify channels and campaigns that outperform
  • Capitalize on strengths and discover opportunities for growth
  • Uncover marketing weaknesses and threats
  • Optimize your budget, spend, and marketing mix

Lots of Value Included

Regular marketing reports delivered in PDF format right to your email box. Each digital marketing report will be customized to meet your individual business requirements. Includes expert driven commentary that highlights exactly what you need to know and why it is important.

  • KPIs, Metrics, Figures, Tables and Chart Visualizations
  • Executive Summaries, Period Highlights, and Important Events
  • Expert (Human) Driven Commentary
  • Past Period and Yearly Performance Comparisons
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT Analysis)
  • A/B Testing Opportunities and Guidance

…and more

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How It Works

The beauty of our system is that you’ll get to offload all the heavy lifting involved with doing marketing analytics and report generation to our team. We’ll run your data through our system so it can do some serious number crunching. Then a human expert will review the results and provide expert commentary to help you interpret the results and give meaning to your data.

We’ll Take Care of This…

  • Connecting our systems to yours
  • Number crunching big data sets
  • Providing expert results interpretation
  • Exporting visualizations of the data
  • Emailing you PDF marketing reports
  • Keeping your data private and secure

You Just Need to…

  • Read your marketing report and discuss further with us if you like.

Getting Started Is Easy

The setup process is critical for us to learn what metrics are meaningful to you, validate your tracking accuracy, and provide you with custom and relevant marketing reports.

  1. Choose a plan that fits your needs
  2. Take a quick survey and we’ll customize our product for you
  3. Grant data access, then we’ll validate tracking
  4. We’ll send you your first report!
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Keeping Your Data Secure

Data security and privacy is of our utmost concern. We have several layers of security in place that protect and lock down your data while it’s in our care.

  • Secure data transfer between your systems and ours
  • Optional encrypted password protected PDF reports
  • We’ll wipe your records if you ask us
  • We don’t share or sell data to 3rd parties…period!

Why settle for out-of-the-box or one-size-fits-all marketing analytics applications? Get an expert marketer on your side with Expert Marketing Reports by Advertology.

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We offer a variety of additional consulting services including strategic consulting, managed marketing, website planning, and more.

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