The Executive Plan

Get expert analytical support for you and your company’s marketing department from Advertology. We’ll provide comprehensive detailed reporting, advice, guidance and insight so your company can do efficient and growth focused marketing operations. Offload the marketing analysis to Advertology and our team will work closely with your marketing department to provide actionable data reporting, marketing insight, optimization guidance and strategic planning. Your department head will be able to better measure marketing success and make more confident decision making.

The Executive Plan is our most comprehensive package that delivers powerful reporting and insights at the manager, director and executive levels. We’ll help you better understand what’s going on in marketing, which channels work the best, and how your target audience behaves. Receive additional benchmarking analysis as well as marketing execution plans to pass along to directors and managers. We’ll also provide you with big picture strategic recommendations that you can incorporate into your own organizational planning.


Who It’s For

Built for Executives

The Executive Plan is optimized for those who are managing organizations or large departments. We’ll provide actionable support to you and your marketing department so your company can make more confident marketing decisions and enhance marketing operational efficiency.


  • Gain transparency and insight into your marketing department
  • Support your directors and managers with actionable intelligence
  • Get strategic big picture marketing advice
  • Measure and confirm marketing success
  • Provide your marketing team with regular reporting
  • Improve your company’s bottom line


Core Analytics Analysis

The core analysis is custom report performed monthly. We include a mix of regular metrics to track performance over time as well as insight into noteworthy trends, changes, successes, trouble spots and opportunities.

All this too:

  • Getting Started Strategy
  • Analytics Setup & Verification
  • Power Insights (Monthly)
  • Competitive Analysis (Monthly)
  • Trend Analysis (Monthly)
  • Presentation (Monthly)
  • Benchmarking (Quarterly)
  • Execution Plans (Quarterly)
  • Big Picture Strategies (Quarterly)
executive marketing analytics reporting
marketing analytics report


3 Labs Included

Get deep and in-depth analysis, reporting, insights, and guidance with up to 3 labs. Labs combine focused analysis with experimental initiatives aimed at achieving a particular business goal. Choose your labs grouped by acquisition and engagement business functions.

Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Reporting

We’ll do an initial reporting upon signup as outlined in your getting started plan. Then we send you and your team monthly, quarterly and annual reporting so you can measure success, visualize trends and better understand your marketing over time.

Ready Made Presentations

Our team will deliver presentations that you can use to share important marketing results, recommendations, successes and areas for improvement with your marketing department, other executives, board members or investors.

Get Started with Expert Analysis that Supports You and Your Organization

Executive FAQs

What size business is this plan for?
This plan is optimized for organization executives vs. business sizes. It is meant for those who are typically CEOs and CMOs providing overall company leadership or overseeing departments.

How is this plan priced?
The Executive Plan is a monthly subscription paid at sign up which includes the core analysis and 3 included labs.

How much work I get?
Workload varies slightly from month to month and case to case, however we try to give you as much insight into how much value you will receive from our deliverables. Work can range between 70-90 monthly hours for the executive plan.

What Tools Will I Need?
We require a Google Analytics Integration which we can help setup and verify if needed. Depending on your labs and goals, we may require other 3rd party integrations. All integrations for The Executive Plan will be covered by your monthly fee. Additional tools for labs may vary case by case.

What correspondence is included?
We provide unlimited email and phone correspondence for executives, directors and managers.

Is a lab included with my plan?
Yes, this plan includes up to 3 labs at one time. You can pick which labs you want to include when you sign up.

Can I change my lab?
Yes, you can change your lab at the start of any new monthly billing cycle. However we recommend you don’t change labs more often than every quarter at a minimum because it takes time to perform testing and optimization as well as understand how actions are affecting trends.

What happens when I switch labs?
You will still get a baseline analysis of website traffic included in your core plan, however you will no longer receive focused attention on this particular initiative. You may keep or cancel any 3rd party tools as you see fit.